Monday, April 11, 2011

I am united with the Lord and one spirit with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17)

I can still remember that moment nearly 22 years ago when Shirley Grace Koch walked down the aisle toward me.  God knew I surely needed a lot of grace and He gave her to me as my wife on August 12, 1989!  At that point, Shirley Grace Koch ceased to exist.  She became Shirley Grace Miller.  And at that point, Richard Edward Miller, the bachelor, ceased to exist.  After that ceremony and after the honeymoon, we were legally married before God and men.  We became one flesh.

On that hot summer afternoon in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we were husband and wife and were as much husband and wife as we would ever be.  But what began on that day, we will spend the rest of our lives learning to live out.

At the moment you and I received the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, crying out to Him for forgiveness and trusting Him to save us and surrendering our will into His hands, we were united with the Lord and were made one spirit with Him.  Jesus became our Bridegroom.  We became eternally joined to Him in our spirit.  And we will spend the rest of our lives learning to live out this incredible union with Him.

Unlike an earthly marriage, where both parties need to grow to know and love each other more deeply, in our relationship with Christ, He already knows and loves us perfectly.  Regardless of how we may think He feels about us, His love is perfect and will never change.  But we do not know Him, love Him or even trust Him perfectly.  That is a growing process that He tenderly yet unwaveringly leads us into.

Do you not know that you are joined in spirit to Christ?  You are one with Him!  As the Head is joined to the body, and the body to the Head, you are joined to Christ.  As the Vine is connected to the branches and the branches to the Vine, you are connected to the Vine, Jesus.  Won't you move in a little closer to Him this day?  Won't you freely open yourself up to your perfect Bridegroom to love on you, provide for you, guide you and protect you?  Do you remember the day you said "I do" to Jesus?  Maybe you need to be reminded of that moment and how much He meant to you at that time.  He hasn't changed in His love for you.  You still mean the world to Him.

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