Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am a member of Christ's Body (1 Corinthians 12:27)

All of us play a vital role in the Body of Christ.  You may not think you do, but God knows you do.  When you are operating in your giftedness by His power for His kingdom, the world (and the Church) is a better place!  When you don't, all of us are diminished in some way.

When I look at the Body of Christ, I am reminded by the apostle Paul that we are like a human body, with Christ being the Head.  Those who have a passion for prayer are like the knees.  Those who care for the wounded, hurting and needy are the heart.  Those who serve behind the scenes are the hands.  Those who take the gospel to unreached peoples are the feet.  And so on.

So what part of the Body of Christ does Freedom in Christ Ministries correspond to?  I see us as like the digestive system of the Body of Christ.  We enable the Body to process spiritual food so all the cells can be healthy, and we also help the Body eliminate waste.  Doesn't sound all that glamorous, I know, but have you ever experienced a time when your digestive system wasn't working too well?  Not healthy, and certainly not fun.

And without pressing this analogy too far, I can honestly say that in my observation, there are sure a lot of bloated, constipated Christians out there!

Sadly, many of God's people do not see themselves as playing a significant role at all in Christ's kingdom.  "Oh, I'm just the dirt under the little toenail of the Body of Christ," they lament.  Oh no you're not!  Whatever gifts and talents the Lord has given you, He has ordained them and chosen you to function as an integral part of the Body of Christ.

If you are unsure of how you fit in (and you do fit in, by the way, if you are in Christ!), ask the Lord to show you.  Take the opportunities to serve that He brings your way.  Watch for the ways God blesses the works of your hands or the words of your mouth.  Pay attention to what brings you deep down, godly joy.  Take note when other brothers and sisters in Christ commend you for something you do for Christ.

And if you already know your place in the Body of Christ, go for it with the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit!  We're all the glad beneficiaries.

I am a member of Christ's Body, and so are essential part of Christ's Body...if you are in Christ today!

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