Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am God's child

I used to wonder what my dad did at work when I was a kid.  He would try and explain it to me...it had something to do with engineering...but I could never quite get my mind around it.  All I knew was that my dad was important and I was really proud of him and that I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around him and give him a big hug when he came home from work.

I've got another Dad...and so do you if you are a true follower of Jesus Christ.  If somebody ever asks you what your Dad, your heavenly Father does, you can tell that person...even though you'll never quite be able to get your mind around it:  He keeps track of all the planets, stars and galaxies in the universe, and He calls each star by its own name.  He knows the number of leaves on all the trees in the whole world, and notices when the smallest bird in one of those trees falls to the ground.  He loves all six billion plus people on planet earth, and if all were to talk to Him at once, He would have no trouble hearing and answering each one...personally.

And if you are in Christ, He calls you son or daughter.  Your heavenly Father is not just important; He is supreme.   And you can be REALLY proud of Him.  And He can't wait until the moment when you run to Him and wrap your arms around Him and give Him a big hug.  He's the best Dad in the entire universe. 

He is God and I am God's child, God's kid.  And in Christ...so are you.

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